How to Configure Selenium with Java?

selenium with java configuration

 Configure Selenium with Java:

With Support of this Article, you will learn how to configure Selenium with Java Step by Step:

Selenium is a free and open source platform to automate web applications, and supports for mobile applications automation using Selendroid (Selenium+Android)  and third party tools like Appium.

Selenium Supports Multiple languages like Java, Javascript, Perl, Ruby,Python, C#. Follow the Below Procedure to download.

1.  To download java (login is required when downloading java 8 version only), Click Here

java setup

–>JDK will download; DOUBLE click on JDK.exe file to install java.

java setup

–>Click on Run Button

java setup screens

–>Click on Next Button

java setup screens

–>Click on Next Button

java setup screens

java setup screens

–>Click on Next Button

java setup screens

java setup screens

–>Finally Click on Finish Button.

2. To download eclipse IDE, Click Here

eclipse setup

–>Then it will download the file as format, we have to extract it to get eclipse folder.
 –>Now open the folder, find the option eclipse.exe, and double click on eclipse.exe file to launch eclipse.

eclipse folder

3. To download Selenium Standalone server jar file, Click Here

selenium server setup

4.  Now launch your eclipse, Eclipse will start and ask for give the workspace location, it means where you want to save all the project information in your local system. Specify the path where you want to create workspace.

5. Then eclipse welcome message you will get and click on workbench option.

eclipse workbench

6. create a project first, and follow the instructions below

create a project


7. Now right click on src folder.  select build path option,  select configure build path option.

8. And click on libraries tab option to add selenium server file.

9. Click on add external JARs option to add selenium server standalone jar file, and navigate to lib folder where it is maintaining in your local drive.




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