Defect Tracking or Reporting Tool – Bugzilla

defect tracking or reporting tool bugzilla

Defect Tracking or Reporting Tool – Bugzilla

In this tutorial you are going to learn one of the  defect tracking or reporting tool Bugzilla.

  • Bugzilla is free and open source defect tracking or reporting application, we can setup Bugzilla either in local server, or else you can directly get cloud server link.
  • Here with i am providing Bugzilla test server direct url to get the application.
  • Select Bugzilla 5.0 branch.
  • Click on open a new account option to register your details.
  • Provide valid email address, so that activation link sent to your registered  email.
  • Open your email account and click on activation link, to provide password and confirm password.
  • Now you can login into the Bugzilla account, and ready to report the issues.

i hope you guys understand defect tracking or reporting tool Bugzilla. If you like this article please feel free to share with others. if you have got any thing to say or discuss with me, just leave a comment below.

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